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CamySrebrny Szef Kuchni (2055)



  • spirytus rektyfikowany, 0.5 szkl.
  • cukier, 0.5 szkl.
  • porter, 2 szt.
Sposób przygotowania

You heat a porter dissolving sugar in there. After complete removal of gas, chill it and add spirits. What is more: some vanilla could be good. Vanilla sugar is here an amateur way.Colour, if it is too bright, you can change adding dark caramel sugar. By the way, brighter caramel can improve a lot porterowka’s taste, so it is worth to heat a small part of sugar (a spoon) on a frying pan- we wash it out with small amount of water or (better) with the evaporated porter (attention- it can splash!). You can add some cognac, rum or something like that- but not exaggerating not to make a perfume. The prepared porterowka has to be put aside for a good while to make its taste settled.Variations- porter liqueur. The composition is similar, we decrease spirits amount only (or we substitute it with vodka) and we add more sugar. The rest we leave for your imagination and sense of style. 

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2 KutakNaOtro 4246
3 Lukky 3700
4 Seed 3055
5 Browny 2650